Verdant Gardens Nursery

Specializing in Native Azaleas

 Now Updated for Spring 2015! 
We had multiple years of unsuccessful propagation for numerous reasons.  It takes a minimum of two years and sometimes three years to bring a new batch of propagated plants to a sufficient size to sell.  We have a large group of Native Azaleas of various varieties that we hope to have ready to sell beginning spring of 2016.  
Until then we continue to have a very limited number of Native Azaleas for sale, they are of assorted varieties.  You may contact us by email to see what we do have available.  
Please bookmark our page and be sure to check back with us in early Spring of 2016.


Canescens, Pink
  This Canescens native Azalea has blooms of
  very light pink with a deep pink tube.  The
  flowers average 1"  across and bloom in trusses
  that average 3" across. Blooms early Spring.  

    Canescens, White                   
     This Canescens has white blooms of simple
        elegance. The flowers average 1" across and
        bloom in trusses that average 3-4" across.
       Blooms early Spring.  Fragrant.

    High Tide
       This beautiful hybrid, native azalea has white
         blooms that are blushed with pink and a deep
         yellow splotch. The flowers average 1.5" across
         in trusses of blooms that are 5" across. Blooms
        very early Spring.
    This Flammeum has fabulous
   reddish orange flowers with and
   dark yellow splotch. The average blooms
   are 1.25” across and bloom in trusses
   that are 5” across.  It blooms in
   early Spring.  Slightly fragrant.

    Millie Mac
      A personal favorite, this is an unusual
       Austrinum with small, deep yellow flowers,
       outlined in white with deep pink tubes. 
       The flowers are about 1" across and
       bloom in trusses5" across. 
       Blooms early Spring.  Fragrant.
   Mitchell Yellow
        A dark yellow Austrinum.  Flowers bloom
        before foliage is on.  Blooms early Spring.
A vibrant, pink canescens.  
Blooms in large, ball trusses.
Dark pink tubes and stamens,
with light pink flowers.

       The flower of this orange Austrinum
      have light orange petals with deep
      orange splotches and flower tubes.  The
      flowers are 1.5" across and the trusses
      of blooms are 5" across.  Blooms early
      Spring.  Light fragrance.

    Pure Yellow
       A rich yellow Austrinum, native
      Azalea. It blooms in early Spring.
Red Tube 
   This Austrinum has striking
   deep yellow flowers with a
   dark red tube.

   A white viscosum.
   The viscosum species is also
   know as the swamp azalea, and will
   tolerate wet areas.  Blooms in
   late Spring.


Spring Sensation

   This light pink hybrid has dark,
    pink stamens and pistol, and flower tube. 
   The flowers have ruffled edges. 
   It has large beautiful trusses of blooms. 
   It blooms very early Spring.


   An aptly named hybrid for its golden, glowing
    flowers.  Large, beautiful, deep yellowish orange
    flowers at 1.75" - 2" across; and globes of blooming
    trusses 5.5" - 6.5" across.  Blooms early Spring.

    Super Truss Pink
       This fantastic Austrinum has flower blooms that
           average 1.25" across with eye-catching trusses
           of blooms that are 5.5" across.  Blooms early
          Spring.  Fragrant.
    Taylor Maid
        A hybrid with large, ruffled orange
      flowers that have red tubes.  The
      flowers are 2" across and bloom in
      trusses that are 5" across.  It blooms in
      early Spring. Fragrant. 
 Varnadoe's Phlox Pink
   A selection by horticulturist,
   Alan Varnadoe.
   Prolific trusses of medium,
   pink blooms with violet tubes.

          This native Azalea has delicate white flowers. 
        Also known as a "Swamp Azalea."  It blooms
        late Spring after the leaves have emerged. 
    Yellow 1
        This yellow hybrid has orange splotches
       on three petals and an orange pistol
       and orange tube.  The flowers are 1.25"
       across and blooms in trusses 4" across.
       Blooms in early Spring.

    Hot Spur Yellow By Austrinum  
      A hybrid, native Azalea with a striking
      variegated orange & yellow flower.  It
      blooms prior to foliage. The large
     flowers are 1" across and bloom in
     trusses 5" across.  Blooms early Spring.